Forestry Advisory Committee

This committee provides recommendations to the State Forester on program direction for all programs administered by the Division. Committee members include representatives from state and federal agencies, legislators, private landowners, conservation organizations, along with committee members from other Forestry Division advisory committees.

Bill Crapser - State Forester (Chairman)
Senator Gerald E. Geis - Chairman, Senate Agriculture Committee
Representative Robert McKim - Chairman, House Agriculture Committee
Bobbie Frank - Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts
Jim Neiman - Wyoming Timber Industry Association
Willie Watsabaugh - State Fire Advisory Board
Dr. Frank Galey - Dean, College of Agriculture, UW
Astrid Martinez - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Buddy Green - Bureau of Land Management
Lisa Olson - Wyoming Community Forestry Council
Tim Pexton - Private Forest Landowner
Jessica Crowder - Governor's Office
Andrea Erickson - The Nature Conservancy in WY
Dennis Jaeger - US Forest Service
Margaret Spearman - Landowner

Assistance Forestry Council

The Assistance Forestry Council provides input and guidance to the Division in the areas of community forestry, stewardship, forest legacy, and forest health.

Ryan Amundson - Pheasants Forever
Cheryl Chatham - USDA Forest Service
Bill Coburn - Forest Products Industry
John Crisp - Wyoming State Forestry Division
Donna Cuin - U.W. Cooperative Extension Service
Dennis Hemmer - Conservation District
Mark Hughes - Wyoming State Forestry Division
Mike McNutt - County Parks and Recreation
Ginger Newman - Wyoming Association of Municipalities
Carol Nicholls - Wildland Urban Interface
Lisa Olson - City Forestry
Russ Schnitzer - Land Trust/NGO
Randy Wiggins - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Chris Weydeveld - Forestry Consultant

Fire Advisory Board

The Wyoming State Fire Advisory Board (FAB) consists of five members that are elected by the Wyoming Rural Firemans Association and serves as an Ad Hoc Advisory Board to the Board of Land Commissioners and the Wyoming State Forestry Division.

The FAB meets four times a year with the primary responsibilities of recommending direction for rural fire training, equipping, organizing rural fire protection, determining interagency cooperation with federal land management agencies, funding and rate schedules for the Annual Operating Plans.
Willie Watsabaugh, Teton County - President

Russ Wenke, Park County - Secretary/Treasurer
Ray Bergquist, Member, Weston County
Jamie Rietz, Member, Platte County
Steve Haines, Johnson County