SFA Grants

The grant is made available through the Federal Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act. Funding for SFA Grant comes from the USDA Forest Service, which awards the grant to the Wyoming State Forestry Division (WSFD).

WSFD administers the program and approves the grants all 23 Wyoming counties.

Order of Operations for the Grant
  1. Notification that the Funds are available from WSFD
  2. Fill out SFA Agreement
  3. Agreement reviewed by WSFD staff
  4. Receive notification of Agreement status
  5. Sign Sub-Recipient Agreement, Form AD-1048, Form AD-1049
  6. Make purchases/complete project
  7. Send proof of purchases and a signed Request for Reimbursement Form along with project completion report
Application Due Date:

Contact Information:
Shielah Esterholdt 
Fire Business Manager