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Benefits of Trees

Wyoming Tree Owner’s Manual & Trees For Wyoming
 Do you have questions about trees and tree care but don’t know   where to look? The Wyoming Tree Owner’s Manual and Trees For   Wyoming brochure together will answer a broad range of tree care   and trees selection questions that you might have.

 The Wyoming Tree Owner’s Manual is a comprehensive guide for   tree care information and guidance and covers a wide range of   topics including: selecting the proper tree, planting, pruning, how to   hire an arborist and tree removal, to name a few.

 The original guide was produced by the USDA Forest Service and became the standard guide for tree owners in the East and Midwest.

With their permission the Wyoming State Forestry Division made several minor revisions and additions to customize the manual to Wyoming. To download the guide, click here

Trees for Wyoming
 The Trees For Wyoming brochure lists trees that will thrive in Wyoming’s   harsh climate. To date, this is the most comprehensive list of deciduous   and coniferous trees for Wyoming and includes several newly developed   varieties and cultivars. You may be surprised with the number of trees   that can grow in your community. Keep in mind that several factors will   determine if a tree survives. The hardiness zone rating for your   community is a critical factor and must be considered when choosing a   tree. Also healthy nursery stock, proper planting, protection and watering   are critical to the survival of a young tree. To download your own   brochure, click here

Stately Trees for Wyoming

 This poster was developed by Wyoming State Forestry Division   and several partners to show the variety of large growing trees that   are adaptable to Wyoming communities. Both deciduous and   coniferous species are included. Drawings of each tree species   include a mature tree, its leaves and fruit or cone. This poster can   be downloaded here

Community Forestry Program Information

 Want to know more about the Wyoming State
 Forestry Division's Community Forestry program?
 Download our brochure here.

Wyoming Project Learning Tree:

Project Learning Tree is a nationally recognized environmental education curriculum   
  • Provides students with the awareness, appreciation, skills, and commitment to address environmental issues.
  • Enables students to apply scientific processes and higher order thinking skills to resolve environmental problems.
  • Helps students acquire an appreciation for and tolerance of diverse viewpoints on environmental issues and develop attitudes and actions based on analysis and evaluation of the available information
  • Encourages creativity, originality, and flexibility to resolve environmental problems and issues.
  • Inspires and empowers students to become responsible, productive, and participatory members of society.   

    Check out the WY PLT website
 Wyoming PLT Coordinator Contact Information - Jessica Halverson 
 PO Box 713 Sundance, WY 82729 - 307-283-2954 -
Tree Symptom Decoder

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