Forest Management

Wyoming's forested state trust lands are managed to enhance their long term value to the trust while producing revenue through sustainable harvest of forest products. Revenue from the sale of forest products goes to the appropriate trust account to support Wyoming's schools and other state institutions.

Wyoming has about 263,000 acres of forested state trust lands with about 137,000 acres available for commercial harvest. Most of the forested state lands are on scattered parcels that are 640 acres or smaller. The annual commercial volume sold averages about 4 million board feet. Removal of forest products, including firewood and Christmas trees, is only allowed with a valid contract or permit. Please contact your nearest WSFD district office. Accessing state lands across private lands requires permission from the private landowner.In addition to forest products, forested state trust lands also produce water, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. Camping and fires are not allowed under Board of Land Commissioners rules.

Wyoming's forested state trust lands have been impacted by bark beetles in recent years. In the southern and western parts of the state the tree mortality is extensive on some parcels. Where markets exist foresters are working to salvage the value of the forest products and prepare the sites for a new generation of trees.Timber stand improvement is an important activity on state trust lands. Thinning of young stands to retain desirable stocking levels enhances the growth of the forest stands and contributes to long term forest health. Approximately 600 acres of young forest stands are thinned annually.WSFD strives to maintain compliance with Best Management Practices to protect soils and water quality during forest management activities. In many cases implementation of forest management projects provides an opportunity to conduct road maintenance. In other instances road maintenance is conducted separately.