Fuels Mitigation

The Wyoming State Forestry Division Hazardous Fuels Mitigation Program informs, educates and is a resource for individuals, families and communities throughout the State of Wyoming. The program increases public awareness of the risks and dangers associated with wildland fires and provides a foundation for increased efforts to protect against them. We aim to manage and protect resources through the implementation of fuels management and the use of the Cohesive Strategy to develop fire adapted communities, maintain resilient landscapes, and improve response to wildland fires.

What is fuels Mitigation?

    Fuels mitigation is a way to manage lands that will reduce the threat of wildfire to an area. Efforts to implement fuels mitigation treatments can be done at any time, however it is better to recognize and reduce the threat before there is an emergency. Treatments are done through reducing the amount of vegetation, both live and dead, to create a safer environment. These safer environments can then contribute to

How do we mitigate fuels?

    Fuels mitigation works to create safer environments through reducing the amount of vegetation in an area for firefighter and public safety. Creating safer environments can be done through implementing fuels treatments. The three main types of treatments are:    

It is important to know where property lines are and to not cross property lines when implementing treatments. 

State Wide Contacts

    If you are interested in assessing the current status of the fuels on your property and what  you can do to implement fuels mitigation, please contact the Wyoming State Forester for your area. Additionally, counties across Wyoming have Fuels Mitigation Coordinators who provide assistance and consultations for private landowners. Find out who you can contact by following the links above or visiting a few of county program websites below.

Fremont County

Natrona County

Park County

Teton County

Educational Resources

Wildland Urban Interface Wildfire Mitigation Desk Reference Guide

Firewise Landscaping and Construction Booklet

Fire Adapted Communities Brochure

Firewise Toolkit

Firewise USA Recognition Program

Living With Wildfire in Wyoming

Pile Construction

Contact Information

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Email: john.crisp@wyo.gov

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Hazardous Fuels Reduction Projects Completed on Private Lands from 2010 to 2013 in Wyoming