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Economics of Urban Forestry

Arbor Day Foundation, University of Nebraska, and US Forest Service State and Private Forestry

On Friday, October 8, 2021, the Arbor Day Foundation released a new report and companion resources detailing the economics of urban & community forestry—both across the United States and in each individual state and the District of Columbia. You can locate the full report, state and national infographics, and the lead media contact at


Wyoming Urban & Community Forestry Publications

Wyoming Community Forestry News Clips

Community Forestry News Articles

These articles were originally published in the Laramie Daily Boomerang

Urban & Community Forestry, Benefits of Trees, Research, Case Studies, & Tree Equity

Benefits of Trees

Vibrant Cities Lab

"We want to create Tree Equity, which is about ensuring that all people experience the benefits of trees."

Tree Equity Score - A new tool has been created by the American Forests and a team of experts through the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, EarthDefine, The Summit Foundations, Microsoft, Seed Fund, and the US Forest Service. Learn more here

The mission is to increase the collective understanding of our health being connected to our forests and to the trees in and around our communities. Visit the website to learn more about the research and tools available linking the benefits of trees and human health.

The Forests in Cities Resource Library is a curated source for urban forest managers and other practitioners to explore best practices, research, and case studies. In learning from each other, we hope to enhance forest health in urban areas and make the case for greater support and appreciation of urban forested natural areas. Learn more here

Environmental and Conservation Education & Teaching Resources

Project Learning Tree is a nationally recognized environmental education curriculum

    • Provides students with the awareness, appreciation, skills, and commitment to address environmental issues.

    • Enables students to apply scientific processes and higher order thinking skills to resolve environmental problems.

    • Helps students acquire an appreciation for and tolerance of diverse viewpoints on environmental issues and develop attitudes and actions based on analysis and evaluation of the available information

    • Encourages creativity, originality, and flexibility to resolve environmental problems and issues.

    • Inspires and empowers students to become responsible, productive, and participatory members of society.

    • Check out the WY PLT website

Wyoming PLT Coordinator Contact Information

Jessica Halverson:

Invasive Pest Educator Resources

The Plant Heroes program provides hands-on, nature-based learning materials for educators to engage children in topics of Forest Health, Ecology, and Plant Conservation. They primarily work with botanic gardens and spotlight the amazing work that public gardens do in protecting the plants and ecosystems we all depend on through their website content and printed materials.

Plant Heroes is brought to you by the Plant Protection Program, part of the American Public Gardens Association and funded by the U.S. Forest Service.

Tree Care Information from ISA &
Arbor Day Foundation

Quick references for tree owners, providing basic knowledge of proper tree care and greater awareness of the benefits of trees in communities. Information includes topics such as the benefits of trees, why hire an arborist, proper planting techniques, and insect and disease issues. This information can also be found on the website

Folletos de cuidado de árboles en español

Over 100 informative bulletins for municipal forestry workers, tree boards, and tree enthusiasts. Information includes topics such as the benefits of trees, why hire an arborist, writing tree ordinances, growing your tree board, trees and public health, and many more!

Boletines de Tree City USA disponibles en versiones en español