Forest Action Plan

The Forest Action Plan is a strategic document and assessment for each state’s natural resources. It brings awareness and insight into the state’s forest resources, trends, threats, and opportunities. As such, it provides the opportunity to cultivate long-term strategic goals to manage Wyoming's rural and community forest resources. The Forest Action Plan is not just a federally mandated requirement, rather it is a powerful tool for Wyoming State Forestry Division and collaborating partners to utilize to acquire competitive federally funded grants.

The Wyoming Forest Action Plan was originally completed in 2010 and Wyoming State Forestry Division recently completed the 2020 revision. This ensured content was reviewed and updated, including the geographic information system data and maps.

Cooperating partners were an integral part of the Forest Action Plan revision. They provided key insight into content updates. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with them and for their input. Cooperator meetings were held across the state of Wyoming with local, state, and federal partners during fall 2019 in conjunction with Good Neighbor Authority meetings. The 2020 Wyoming Forest Action Plan is now complete and can be viewed here: 2020 Wyoming Forest Action Plan


John Crisp, Assistant State Forester, Assistance Forestry


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