When properly applied BMPs can effectively minimize water quality degradation. Voluntary implementation of BMPs has proven to be an effective means of protecting natural resources to include water quality.

The most recent audit of Forestry BMP implementation and effectiveness were conducted on state, federal and private harvest sites in the summer of 2016. These audits were conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of resource professionals. To view the 2016 BMP Audit Report, click here. The 2019 BMP Audit will be occurring Fall 2019 for the Big Horn National Forest and the Black Hills National Forest of Wyoming.

A crucial part to the audit process is the BMP FIELD AUDITS SITE INFORMATION and RANKING FORM. This form is used during the audit process, but can also be used as a general guide during the planning and implementation processes.

Statewide training sessions are planned to follow the audits. The sessions will be designed to familiarize landowners, industry and resource professionals with forestry BMPs. In addition, audit results will be relayed to participants to point out areas where BMP implementation could be improved.

The publication Wyoming Forestry Best Management Practices was revised in December 2006. This publication provides an easy to use overview of the Best Management Practices for Wyoming.

Contact: Melissa Mokry, Forestry Program Analyst - Outreach Forester

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