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Know Your Zones To Help Create Defensible Space

Defensible Space

Defensible space is the area around a home or other structure that has been modified to reduce fire hazard. In this area, natural and man-made fuels are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildfire. Creating defensible space also works in the reverse, and reduces the chance of a structure fire spreading to neighboring homes or the surrounding forest. Defensible space gives your home a fighting chance against an approaching wildfire.Creating an effective defensible space involves a series of management zones in which different treatment techniques are used. Develop these zones around each building on your property, including detached garages, storage buildings, barns and other structures.

    • Zone 1 is the area nearest the home and other structures - This zone requires maximum hazard reduction.

    • Zone 2 is a transitional area of fuels reduction between Zones 1 and 3.

    • Zone 3 is the area farthest from the home. It extends from the edge of Zone 2 to your property boundaries.

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