Tree City USA

Tree City USA in Wyoming

Tree City USA is a national program that recognizes communities that have made a commitment to actively plant and care for their public trees. The program is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation, State Foresters, USDA Forest Service, US Conference of Mayors, and the National League of Cities. Tree City USA was initiated in 1976 as a project of our nation's bicentennial celebration

Currently, Wyoming ranks second in the nation for the percentage of incorporated municipalities that are Tree City USA's. The award is presented annually to communities that meet four criteria. The minimum criteria are:

    1. Your community must have a Tree Board or Department charged by ordinance to oversee the community's tree program.
    2. Community leaders must enact a comprehensive tree ordinance that defines tree planting, maintenance and other requirements concerning trees growing along streets and public areas.
    3. Your community must spend at least $2 per capita on tree resources: this can include planting, city maintenance, grants and donations.
    4. Your community must have an official Arbor Day celebration with a proclamation by the mayor and a tree planting ceremony.

To learn more about the Tree City USA program and to apply online, click here

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The Arbor Day Foundation has migrated to a new Tree City USA Application Portal. With that transition comes some growing pains. Here are some Helpful Tips and Tricks to help you navigate the new portal system and expedite the process for completing your application to meet the standards of the Arbor Day Foundation.

· Follow this link to the new Tree City USA certification portal. Other links will not work.

· All Tree City USA communities must reset their passwords to access their application. Click on "Find Your Community" and follow the instructions to login. If you have trouble logging in after following the instructions, please email

· The City Forestry Contact is a person in your community that answers questions about the Tree City USA program.

· If you have more than five tree board members, please select five and enter the names and emails. Additional members' information can be uploaded as an attachment. (We do not need individual email addresses and phone numbers for each tree board member, but you must enter something to advance to the next section.)

· This year, you must upload or link your tree ordinance. Previous entries have not been saved in the new portal.

· Do not use commas, periods, or $-signs in the budget section.

· Please make sure your Arbor Day Proclamation has the correct date and is signed by the mayor. It must be dated and signed within the 2019 calendar year.

· Before you download the Mayor Signature Form, all sections of the application must be complete.

· If you submit your application and you are not prompted with a message that it has been submitted for review, please scroll to the top of your application to see what needs to be updated.

· The WSFD State Forester/Coordinator will sign each application once it is submitted in the portal.

· To apply for the Growth Award online, the community must first submit their Tree City USA application. Once they do, if they qualify to apply for the Growth Award they will be invited to start their application. At any time after they apply to as a Tree City USA they can log back into the portal and click on the link to start their Growth Award application.

· Use this Helpful video for more information about the Tree City USA portal.