Community Grants

***Applications for 2021 are now Closed***

For more information on the grants available and how to apply please contact the Community Forestry Coordinator

2021 Community Forestry Partnership

Cost-Share Grants Packet

(includes both Program Development and Tree Planting applications)

**DEADLINE for submission is MARCH 3, 2021**

Below you will find a link to download a Word Document version of each Grant Application Form.


Grant Applications are now being accepted online.

Please email your complete application packet (including the application form, any supplemental information, and photos if required) to the contact below.

If you have questions please contact Tara Costanzo or call 307-777-3626

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There are two grant categories; Community Tree Planting and Community Forestry Program Development. The packet includes applications for both grant categories. If your community or organization is interested in applying for the community forestry funds, grants must be matched with local, non-federal funds and volunteers must be involved. Additionally, tree planting funds can only be used for planting on public, non-federal land. A grant selection committee will review applications mid to late March and you will be notified of funding status at that time. These grants are intended to increase community forestry development and tree planting in Wyoming communities, but not replace existing local funds. Details are included with the application. Please read the directions carefully. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be reviewed by the grant selection committee.